Thursday, February 26, 2009

All about eProcurement

eProcurement is nothing but automation of manual Procurement system. A typical eProcurement suite comprises of the following modules

# Reverse Auction (RA) Application
Traditionally Purchase Managers have been negotiating with the Suppliers on one to one basis to get the best competitive price which is a gross waste of Time, Efforts & Money and both Buyers & Supplier hate to haggle.

With Reverse Auction Application you can now make all your Suppliers compete with each Online & watch the price go down while you are relaxing or doing other meaningful activities. With Reverse Auction you not only Save Time, Efforts but also achieve great amount of savings & complete transparency. In nutshell you, your Management & Supplier will just Love it.

- To learn as how Reverse Auction can help you save 5 - 20% Annually, please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089

# Forward Auction (FA) Application
In past if you have tried to sold Scrap/Unused Machinery's you would have realized how difficult it is to get the best offer. Our Forward Auction Application automate the entire Process of Auctioning such that you derive the best possible price in the least possible time. The simplicity of this application is such that even semi literate Kabadiwalas (Scrap Dealers) can use it without any formal training.

- To learn as how Forward Auction can help you achieve 5 - 20% More for each auction, please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089

# eTendering Application
The complexities involved in finalizing a Techno-Commercial Tender can be automated & easily managed through our eTendering Process. eTendering in nutshell saves Efforts, Time, & Money.

The beauty of eTendering Application is that on Click of a mouse You can Publish Tender Notice, Inform Bidders, Upload Documents, Conduct Online Pre Bid meeting, Submit Bid till last second with fool proof security, Pre Qualify Bidders, Generate price bid comparative & award Tender and that too without any human errors that Tendering Process is generally prone to.

Our Application complies to Information Technology Act (IT ACT) 2000, Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) Guidelines, World Bank Procurement Guidelines, etc. We are an ISO 27001 Certified Company whose product is certified by STQC, to guarantee you that No Price Bid can be viewed by any Individual (Bidders, You or Us) before Tender opening due date & time is due.

- To learn as how eTendering can help you achieve up to 50% Saving of Cost, Efforts & Time, please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089

# Request for Quote (RFQ)Applications
Our RFQ application allows you to get online quotes for Low Ticket Items in real time. Alternatively RFQ can be used for identifying the current price of a given product or services, which can than be set as the Start price for Reverse Auction, Forward Auction, eTendering,etc.

- To learn as how RFQ can help you automate your procurement & benefit you in terms of Time & Efforts please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089

# Team Buying
eProcurement helps you aggregate requirement within your Organization & help you discover the best possible price for the given requirement/quantity.

Team Buying takes the eProcurement concept a step further, where you can Network & club your requirement with other Buyers of similar product/services in real time. Needless to highlight Higher volumes will derive Bigger Discounts.

- To learn as how you can benefit more from Team Buying & derive additional savings over & above Reverse Auction Benefits, please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089

# eSourcing / Rate Contract Management
eSourcing allows you to automate procurement of recurring items like raw materials, IT hardware, stationery & services. On your procurement portal Suppliers can create their Product/Service catalogue & specify special rates, discounts & volume discounts for your organisation. All your indentures can than be allowed to place orders Online directly to the Suppliers (or as per your organisation workflow). Goods are delivered directly to the Indentures & order fulfillment is done locally, while the payments is centralized.

If you have an aggressive purchase department in your Organisation, you can actually spin it off into a separate Profit Centre for your Organisation by offering eProcurement Services to other Buyers with the help our our eProcurement tools & services.

- To learn as how eSourcing & Team Buying can be clubbed & more saving can be achieved, please mail us your request to or call - 91-98250 27089.

Value Added Services:
# Digital Certificates Support
To make online contracts legally enforceable in India, you will have to comply with IT ACT 2000 which enforces the use of Digital Certificates & PKI standards. We can help you & your suppliers procure Digital Certificate & Crypto Tokens (Device used to store digital certificates) from Licensed Certifying Agencies.

# Market Making
True value of eProcurement can only be realised if more Suppliers are made to compete with each other online. For the same, we offer our Market Making services where we help you identify more Suppliers Globally on the basis of pre qualification criteria set by you. Under this services we also undertake the responsibility of training your Suppliers & extending them all possible support during an Online event.

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